The Many Faces of Online Blackjack

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Over the internet, blackjack provides one of the more dynamic games available for players. Regardless of which software platform a casino chooses to power its site, there are almost always 5-10 different versions of blackjack available from the developer's library. Because they understand its customer base, most of these online casinos choose to make many of these blackjack options available to players from its casino lobby.

Versions of Blackjack

People who are used to gambling in live casinos are usually amazed to see the different versions of blackjack that are available online. The most popular versions are Standard Blackjack, Switch Blackjack, Multi-Hand Blackjack, Progressive Blackjack, Surrender Blackjack and No-Guess blackjack.

How to Play Each Version

Most blackjack novice will find themselves unfamiliar with at least some of these different games. Before choosing to play any of these games, the player needs to read the rules and make sure they understand the basics on how to play. Here are some basic guidelines to consider when playing each version.

Standard Blackjack - There are no secrets here. This is the standard game found in every casino in the world. The dealer and player each get two cards, one of the dealers cards are face-down. The objective is for the player to get a close to 21 as possible without going over. The dealer has to draw a card if their card total is 16 or less. If the dealer's hand lands on a "soft" 17 (where an Ace is part of the total), the dealer is forced to hit again. Best hand with 21 or under wins. If the player hits a blackjack (any 10 plus and Ace), the payoff is usually 1.5X the bet.

Switch Blackjack - The rules of standard blackjack are applicable. This game requires the player to play two separate hands. After both hands are dealt, the player is given one opportunity to "switch" the cards between the two hands forming two different beginning hands to start play.

Multi-Hand Blackjack - The rules of standard blackjack are applicable. In this game, the player chooses to play multiple hands at the same time. It is usually 2-3 hands. The only caveat is that the player is only allowed to see the "hole" card on one hand at a time until it has been played.

Progressive Blackjack - The rules of standard blackjack are applicable. However, this game allows a side bet of a predetermined amount. If certain hands appear for the player, they are rewarded with a bonus payout based on predetermined odds.

No-Guess Blackjack - The rules of standard blackjack are applicable. This games is played with the dealer dealing both of their cards face-up so the payer knows what they are playing against. The only payout change is that blackjacks are only paid off a 1 times the wager instead of 1.5 times.

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